Anterior Eye Clinic

Red Eyes? Sore Eyes? Watery Eyes?


Morgan Optometry in Kidlington now run a specialised clinic for patients with anterior eye complaints.

Whether your eyes BURN, FEEL GRITTY, ITCH, or ‘JUST FEEL WET’, they would probably benefit from a thorough assessment and treatment plan.*

The Anterior Eye Clinic uses state of the art equipment to look at critical biomarkers for ocular surface disease:

  • The K5 Keratograph assesses tear quality and quantity measurements including infrared meibomography and non-invasive tear break up time.

The K5 Keratograph measures early evaporation of the tear film (red areas on chart).

  • The TearLab Osmolarity test quantitatively measures the tear chemistry using a painless, electronic microchip. (click here to watch video)

Example treatment options include:

– Prescription and Pharmacy Eye Drops
– Lacrimal Duct Irrigation
– Tear Duct Occlusion
– Dietary Recommendations

Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI)

The Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) helps practitioners evaluate a patient’s symptoms and measure the success of treatment. Before your first appointment, please complete the following questionnaire by circling the numbers in the box that best represents each answer.

Please download and print the questionnaire here

*The Anterior Eye Clinic is included in our EyeCare Plan, but is not NHS funded. Please call for details of fees and payment plans.