Missed Appointment Fees

At Morgan Optometry, we take the time to spend with you at your appointment. Our appointment times are considerably longer than a lot of opticians. You will be seeing one of our qualified optometrists who will be using state of the art equipment. At Morgan Optometry, our fees are based upon the time that you will be with the Optometrist.

A missed optical appointment means lost clinical time to the practice and deprives other clients of the opportunity to benefit from this time. During this period, we have an empty chair, wages and overheads still have to be paid, and the business makes a loss. This can only then be covered by increasing charges to our clients, something which we don’t want to do.

The demand for appointments at our practice is high, and to ensure that we keep waiting times as short as possible and maximize our clinical time, we ask that you give 48 hours notice if you are unable to attend.

A charge will be made for appointments missed or canceled at less than 48 hours notice if we cannot fill that appointment.