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The Hearing Care Partnership

The Hearing Care Partnership

The Hearing Care PartnershipMorgan Optometry are excited to be working alongside The Hearing Care Partnership to provide a full hearing service from within our Kidlington practice.

Our fully qualified audiologist will be available to offer a full range of hearing services. This includes free hearing tests and tinnitus consultations, hearing aids, hearing protection and ear wax removal in Kidlington.

Free Hearing Tests

Hearing tests with The Hearing Care Partnership are free of charge and are carried out by our expert audiologist. Whether you are after a quick hearing check or a full hearing assessment, our audiologist will be available to help you with making the most of your hearing.

The Hearing Care PartnershipHearing Aids

It is possible that your audiologist may recommend hearing aids to help your hearing. If this happens, don’t worry! The Hearing Care Partnership are here to help and offer a wide range of hearing aids with the latest technology. Modern hearing aids pack a lot of technology in a small device, meaning they are extremely discreet yet still provide an incredible level of hearing support.

Ear Wax Removal

Using the latest and safest methods that suit you individually, ear wax removal will help remove wax build-up in your ears. Depending on the level of build-up and whether you have any pre-existing conditions, we tailor the service to you.

To help ease the level of wax, you can use 2-3 drops of olive or almond oil in you ear, twice a day for a few days. This will help to loosen any wax in the ear and will also make it easier for the audiologist and more comfortable for you during the ear wax removal process. It is important that you DON’T use drops if you have a perforated ear drum (a hole in your ear drum), as this can cause further damage.

Tinnitus Consultations

Tinnitus cannot be “cured” but it can be managed. With The Hearing Care Partnership, you can have free tinnitus consultations to talk through options to help you better cope with your tinnitus.

Hearing Protection

The Hearing Care Partnership also offers hearing protection, with a variety of different options for anything from custom ear plugs for general use to specialist hearing protection for music or sports.

You can find more information on all our hearing services here.

Much like us, The Hearing Care Partnership make their patients their top priority. Together, we will look after your hearing and eyesight to help you make the most of life.

To book an appointment with our audiologist in Kidlington, simply call us or book online.