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The EyeCare Plan: Healthy Eyes and Great Value

We are delighted to offer the EyeCare Plan: our own membership scheme. The plan enables us to provide you with extra care in looking after the health of your eyes and provides you with the best visual solutions at affordable prices.


  • Advanced Eye Examinations – not only will your routine eye appointments be covered but also extended professional consultations (for example, retinal imaging, in-depth visual field testing, which are usually charged for) so that we can look at the health of your eyes in more detail.
  • Increasing Discounts – with savings on prescription eyewear, sunglasses, and contact lenses, the EyeCare Plan is a great way to save money. Plus, the longer you are on the EyeCare Plan, the more you save: see over for details. In addition, the discount on eyewear and contact lenses applies at all times and not just when you have your routine eye examination.
  • Emergency Appointments – Pink eye? Sore eye? The EyeCare Plan allows you to make an emergency appointment (usually on the day if we have an optometrist present) at no charge for advice on treatment.
  • Reassurance and Peace of Mind – lost a disposable contact lens, spectacles need repairing? On the EyeCare Plan, replacement disposable contact lenses and on-site, minor, spectacle repairs are free.
  • Contact Lens Checks – If you wear contact lenses, all check ups are covered on that plan, including trials of new lens types.

When you add it all up, it makes sense to be part of the EyeCare Plan.

Years on EyeCare Plan
Fees (including
Eye Drops
4 yrs+ No Charge 35% 30% 15%
2 yrs+ No Charge 25% 30% 10%
Up to
2 yrs
No Charge 15% 30% 5%

* Initial offer: new patients start at Silver

EyeCare Plan Monthly Fees:

Regular Contact Lens Wearer / Anterior Eye Clinic
£10.40 £11.90
Under 40 yrs £9.40 £10.90